Look Up!

There are obvious benefits of having a sunroof in your car including the natural light it gives to the driver and passengers and the attractive aesthetics it gives the car itself. However, why on earth would someone bother installing a sunroof into a car that wasn’t originally built with one?

Some of the benefits that are often not even considered when we think about installing a sunroof into our cars are things that we subconsciously appreciate, yet if they are then taken away, we suddenly realise how much we desire them.


A sunroof gives you the ability to at any time enjoy the fresh air and have a sense of freedom while you drive whether you’re going for a relaxing drive along the Great Ocean Road, or enduring the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne grid. While a sunroof can totally brighten and open up your car’s interior when the Sun is up, it’s the night time drives where you get the real experience… simply by looking up.

While many of us look to opening our windows to let the air in, going any faster than 50km per hour can result in that dreaded ear-bursting air pressure, lots of unwanted noise and the wind smacking you right in the face. Sunroofs give you that same fresh-aired effect without the annoyance.

Ultimately, installing a sunroof in your car is not only cost-effective and able to enhance your own personal driving experience but it can also increase the value of your car, attracting new buyers and getting the most of out of a sale.

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