Why KubeBond?

Imagine taking a long drive through the rugged and beautiful Australian outdoors. Your car has splashes of mud beading down the bonnet, the windows are reaching peak filth and the car seems to have collected various mementos throughout the journey (bird droppings, dead insects and every speck of dirt possible). You arrive home, exhausted by your exhilarating drive. You look over at your car, take in a deep breath, and sigh as you think about the effort it is going to require to clean and when you could potentially take your car the get someone else to clean it… This is the moment where you realise the KubeBond investment has significant value both aesthetically to your car and to your own mental sanity.

Once KubeBond Diamond 9H has been applied to your car not only does the majority of grime no longer stick to your vehicle but also the small amount that does is a simple hose spray or bucket and sponge away from removal. That stubborn dirt, insect remains and bird droppings come off with little effort and no such concept as ‘elbow grease’. Easy.

KubeBond diamond 9H is our newest service which drastically reduces the surface energy of a vehicle and increases its contact angle. This results in the adhesion forces of foreign matter to be weaker, resulting in your car staying cleaner for longer, and making it much easier to clean. It’s in the way that KubeBond works, in its forming of a permanent bond with the surface through quantum forces, forming a cubic ceramic molecular matrix structure that is chemically inert with 9H pencil hardness. This means you can maintain the look of a brand new car without all the effort, water and environmentally harmful cleaning chemicals.

Perfect for both exterior and interior components, the coating protects your vehicle from chemicals, liquids, dust and paints. Furthermore it offers a superior scratch resistant technology and in comparison to other products on the market, KubeBond far surpasses its competitors in both quality and value.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to protect your car from harmful elements, and you’re wanting to save time and money on the upkeep of your vehicle, KubeBond is for you. Anti-scratch, hydrophobic, weather resistant and scratch proof, KubeBond gives your car a high gloss finish and makes your car look brand new.

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